Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tutorial Seven

I have used google reader to find some of these blogs that I am interested in.

I have commented on Laura's Blog about the images she has used with her cup of tea powerpoint.

  1. I like the images you have found.
  2. Thanks Jess, my younger brother is really into creative photography so he showed me a couple of really good photos.

Tutorial Two

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Celebrations are a big part of doing, being and belong as they allow residents to participate in something that is enjoyable and fun. Through celebrations it is that everyone can feel belonging and and a sense that they are doing something, it was through the many different celebrations that took place on placement that I saw the what was a different side to people. Throughout the many different activities that were held there were some where more people seemed to be doing more participating than others but though the variety of activities people flourished at there own will.

Three examples of ethical consideration used when compiling these images are that I have been given informed consent from the person in the image, another example is that I have appropriately referenced the material used and received images which have creative commons.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Tutorial Four - Our Film

We have been set a task to choose one out of occupational justice, occupational disruption, occupational transition, or occupational deprivation. We needed to plan together and make  story board for the film and set out tasks for everyone to carry out. Over the two weeks between planning and filming it meant that our group were able to go away and think of different ideas, collect up props and think of ways we could execute filming. When it came to filming day we took turns at filming and editing until we had finished our one minute movies.

Our Film was done on the the Occupation Deprivation and in the lead up to filming we made a storyline and each of us had to think of an idea of how people can be affected by occupation deprivation. Most of us had thought of ideas about how we as students can suffer from Occupation Depreviation and they way it can affect us socially. These ideas were then played with as a group to find a common understanding and fit our ideas into a one minute movie production. Some of the ideas that were shown throughout the movie were that our student could not afford to go to the movies nor could she afford to buy her lunch. These ideas that she was missing out where her friends were not gave her the occupation deprivation we thought of.